Protecting your Inventions

Key focus fields (see also –> profile)

Special Focus Areas (there is more)

Hardware and more

  • physics, opto-electronics
  • electro-technics/electronics
  • computers hardware
  • semiconductors, chip-tech
  • nano-technology
  • robotics
  • telecommunications
  • environment technologies
  • quantum circuit technologies

Software and more

  • computer software
  • artifical intelligence
  • machine-learning
  • neuro-informatics
  • neuromophic computing
  • homomorphic computing
  • cyber-physical systems
  • crypto-technics, security
  • quantum Machine Learning

IP related services are delivered via the patent law firm

  • Lifetech IP // Spies & Behrndt Patent Attorneys PartG mbB (–> LifeTech IP).

IT Valuation

The combined qualification of being a patent attorney and industry analyst with long industry experience, builds an optimal basis for IP valuation (e.g., patent portfolio valuation).

As a member of the former special task force of the German Patent Bar regarding Patent Valuation and, with the experience of two European Commission (EU) sponsored projects on IP valuation for small and medium enterprises (SME) in the ICT field (information and communcation technologies) in Europe, there is a solid basis for questions related to the valuation of intellectual property. The titles of the project have been „The Applicability of Cost-Benefit Analysis to the Use of IPR by ICT SMEs in Europe“ (46 pages) and „Intellectual Property Rights and Competitiveness: Challenges for ICT-Producing SMEs“ (167 pages)

Core Belief

The Kontradiev Waves (Kondratiew Waves) represent a good model for past innovation waves. The discussion is open what the next Kondratiew Wave will be. One view is that the next wave will be focussed on healthcare. I have a different view.

Photo: 7BC AG

Because many fundamental inventions and discoveries have been made in the last century of the last millenium in core technical fields like nano-technologies, biology/medicine, semiconductors, robotics, information technology and the like, I strongly believe that the next innovation phase will develop into an intelligent combination of existing technologies. This will lead to completely new applications, using and extending these existing technologies even more, and at the same time further increase the rate of innovation.

Because the high rate of innovations decreases the „invention to benefit cycle“ for individuals and enterprises, it is imperative to protect intellectual property more seriously and strategically. It will definitively pay off for every IP owner!