Key focus fields (profile)

As industry analyst, I focus mainly on Enterprise Applications (e.g., ERP, CRM, BPM, BI/Analytics/Big Data) and related infrastructures (e.g., Operating Systems ahnd Platforms, Connectivity/Interoperability/SOA, Cloud Computing (SaaS, IaaS, …), Mobility, Collaboration, Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning). Additional themes covered include Open Source, Enterprise Architecture, and Infrastructure Platforms.

However, the most interesting thing for me are not the next one or the next two business years, in fact, the longer term trends interest me most. This boils down to the core question:

What comes after what comes next?

For a detailed analyst profile please have a look here –> Focus: Analyst Profile

Main delivery concepts

Based on more than 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry, my services address end-user customers as well as high-tech companies (e.g., IT industry). The main focus in the end-user community is on the global 3000 enterprises, whereas on the IT vendor side, services are provided to the large IT vendors, as well as, to start-up companies, and anybody in-between. 

Delivery formats include individual strategic consulting projects, coaching for technology management regarding technical and management issues, individual workshops, strategy papers, white papers (strategic case studies) as well as keynote speeches.

Some of my publications under BARC may be found –> here (click!).